Hair-Gro-Back Horse Wound Salve

Hair-Gro-Back Horse Wound Salve

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Hair-Gro-Back Horse Wound Salve assists in healing equine wounds.  After a wound begins the healing process, be sure to assist in re-growing your horses hair in the original rich color it was meant to be. Effective even on older scars.

This product comes in a 1 pint size and has a similar consistency to Vaseline.

Apply product to affect area  daily as needed until hair comes back in full.

Cut-A-Way Wound Spray is a magnificent "Step One" in healing cuts, preventing proud flesh and infections.  Hair-Gro-Back Horse Wound Salve is the perfect "Step Two" for making the evidence of a prior injury disappear.   Cheval employees never call the vet for stitches any more, instead they grab the Cut-A-Way, then once the wound is healed over (as seen below in the chestnut leg injury) then is the time to grab the Hair-Gro-Back to eliminate the scar and grow back in the hair!  A truly miraculous combination!

Hair-Gro-Back works great for removing leg "chestnuts"!   Rub the chestnut once daily with Hair-Gro-Back for a week to soften the chestnut so it will peel easily and painlessly away.

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