Tranquility Oil Horse Natural Calming Oil

Tranquility Oil Horse Natural Calming Oil

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Just one drop of this combination of natural oils around the base of the horse's nostrils or on horse's poll behind ears has a claiming, non-drug induced effect. Apply 20 minutes prior to anything that causes your horse to act anxious to help calm the nerves, re-apply as needed.   Customers love it for moody mares, wild stallions, and helping young horses adjust to new situations.   Many of our customers use it on themselves, behind their ears to calm show nerves, in their bath tubs to sleep better at night, and on hyper dogs.

Does not test and does not give your horse the "droopy ears, eyes and lips, I am drugged" look of tryptophan.

Tranquility Oil healthy, natural, and nice smelling.

One bottle contains about 100 treatments.

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