Cut-A-Way Horse Wound Spray

Cut-A-Way Horse Wound Spray

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Cut-A-Way Equine Wound Spray.The above Before and After photos show Cut-A-Way's amazing effect on infections and  proud flesh.  Below photos are of the sweet Mystic Blue Eyes who had a bad run in with a barbwire fence and illustrates the power of Cut-A-Way followed by Hair-Gro-Back. You will love the results you see when using this combination of antiseptics, oils, and healing agents. Prevent proud flesh and infections while enhancing and speeding up the overall healing process. Follow up with Cheval's Hair-Gro-Back to bring hair back to recently healed areas as well as to old scars.

With the two step combination of Cut-A-Way and Hair-Gro-Back, Cheval employees never get stitches on any of their horse wound no matter how severe and have found the results are always better.

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