Cheval International



Tranquility Oil
Calms with Just a Dab around the Nostrils or Poll without Causing the “Stoned Look” of Chemical Tranquilizers!

K9 Stiff Dog
K9 Stiff Dog Joint Supplement Alleviates Joint Pain and Stiffness in Dogs of all Ages!

Hair-Gro-Back Equine Wound Salve Makes Old Scars and New Wounds Disappear!

Itch & Bug Relief

Inside-Out Insect and Allergy Control

Inside-Out Says Goodbye to Lumps and Bumps from Allergies and Biting Insects whilst Assisting in Equine COLIC Prevention!

Itch-B-Gone Spray

Itch-B-Gone Spray Soothes Itching Bug Bites, Allergies, Dry Skin, and Tight Braids Naturally!


Worm-A-Way Surprises the Worms While Restoring Your Horse’s Digestive System by Occasionally Rotating Cheval’s Delicious, Safe, All Natural Deworming Supplement into Your Program!