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Red-D-Vinity Produces The Firey Undertones In Chestnuts, Roans, Sorrels, and Duns!





RED HORSES TAKE ON A NEW GLORY WITH THIS COAT ENHANCING SUPPLEMENT FOR REDHEADS!  RED-D-Vinity  is a carefully formulated coat enhancer to bring out a brilliant red gleam on chestnut, red roan, red pinto and sorrel horses. Now redheads can celebrate their own all new designer coat enhancing supplement created specially to bring out their unique, glorious bronzen shine. Like all Cheval coat enhancers, Red-D-Vinity is a secret blend of 18 amazing ingredients to bring out outrageous color and shine.   We grow our best ingredients in our own chemical free fields to give your horse nutrients such as Omegas, Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals in the perfect balance for the ultimate glowing health.

4 lbs.  (5 Week Supply)     7 lbs. (2-3 month supply)     23 lbs. (6-8 month supply)    50 lbs. (1 year supply) 

Cheval horse supplements are the best.

SHOW HORSE FORMULA DOES NOT TEST.   Available in the same great sizes and prices.  CONTAINS NO PAPRIKA.  If you prefer this formula, just note in the comments box of the order form:  SHOW FORMULA.

Tip:   Since the regular formula is a little more powerful, most show horse owners order large regular formula, then a small show formula to put the horse on one week before the show.   Others who show a lot simply put their horses on SHOW FORMULA all year round.

Red D-Vinity horse supplement for chestnuts, reds, roans, some pintos and other handsome red horses is a coat enhancer designed to bring out rich red shine and healthy skin and coat on Red-D-Vinity  horses.   Cheval International offers horse supplements to enrich the coat of every color equine.

Most Frequently Asked Question:  How soon will it work?   All our Coat Enhancers begin working immediately on the hair in the formation stage under the skin.  Your existing, visible hairs will still bleach out and fade and dull as always, but be patient because slowly, naturally, healthily those glorious new silky, shiny rich hairs will start to appear.  The longer they are on a coat enhancer, the better the coats will become and the better they will stay year round.  Best report of total change from shocking to glorious:   two weeks.   Worst report:  6 months  Most horses:  6-8 weeks.

Tip:   To see results super quick, groom out the old hairs as fast as possible.  Always start horse on coat enhancers at least 2 weeks before body clipping to avoid that mousy dull, “I’ve just been clipped” look. shine.


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Weight 4 lbs

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