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White-As-Snow Highlights a Glorious, Silky, Easy to Clean, White Shine in White Horses!





SNOWBLINDINGLY WHITE COATS SHINE SO BRIGHT AND ARE MUCH EASIER TO KEEP CLEAN WITH THE SILKY TEXTURE OF EVERY HAIR.   In the tradition of Black-As-Knight coat enhancer for blacks and bays, Cheval proudly presents White-As-Snow. This unique coat enhancer formula is designed to maximize shine with silky hairs that are easier to clean while making your horse snow blindly white. In addition, White-As-Snow adds shine while stopping the drying ravages of the sun. Grays, pintos and other light colored horses will love it as well. As always, Cheval’s product are healthy, natural and compatible with every feed program.

4 lbs.  (5 Week Supply)     7 lbs. (2-3 month supply)     23 lbs. (6-8 month supply)    50 lbs. (1 year supply) 

We grow our best ingredients in our own chemical free fields to give your horse nutrients such as Omegas, Amino Acids, Vitamins and Minerals in the perfect balance for the ultimate glowing health.

 SHOW HORSE PEOPLE – White As Snow horse supplement does not test.

White-As-Snow horse supplement for white and other light colored horses is a coat enhancer designed to bring out a rich, brilliant gleam and healthy, shiny  skin and coats.  Cheval International offers designer horse supplements to enrich the coat of every color equine.  Cheval horse supplements are the best and the originals.






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