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“We have been using your product, Black-As-Knight in our Friesians’ diets for the last month. Their coats were burnt and losing their black luster. Your product has turned one of our three year olds from reddish brown to black in just one month. We love what Black-As-Knight has done for our show horses.” A.N.

“Cut A Way really works and a little bit goes a long way. We use it on cattle too and one 16oz bottle has lasted us 5 years. Well worth the money.” L.L
“Black as knight is the best product I have ever found. Feed it and it works!!” D.G 
“Black as knight is the

“My vet saw my horse yesterday & said that he was the shiniest horse he’s EVER seen! And he works for the vet hospital at Lone Star Park (our racetrack in the Dallas area), so he sees some high-dollar, very pampered horses! He wanted the name of the coat supplement I feed, so I directed him to your website. I have had my gelding on Red Divinity in his SmartPaks since about last July or August. Of course his winter coat began growing in right after I started that, but even this winter he had some sheen, not just the woolies. However, since he has shed out his winter coat, he looks just like deep chestnut patent leather! And he feels like satin! The vet couldn’t believe I hadn’t sprayed him with a polish, & he lives outside so he rolls around & gets dirty like a happy horse should. The dirt just brushes off. He is an 18-year-old Tennessee Walker gelding (trail horse) with a gorgeous conformation & very proud demeanor whom I have had since he was 8 months old & trained myself. I even rode him before he was born, when his mother was pregnant w/ him! Nobody can believe that he is that old, & especially now that he looks even more beautiful! I would like for people to know his story about the Red Divinity…” E.D., Texas.
“If you need any new pictures for a testimonial, my miniature gelding Spud, so named because he was a dull rusty brown when I bought last April, has blossomed into a coal black handsome guy. It also helped my other mini gelding, Snickers, who was a dirty brown when I got him last summer, and now is a gorgeous deep steel gray with a white mane and tail.” E.C. Washington
“Thank you! Thank you! That’s all I can say to you. Your Gold-As-Sun is a life saver for me and my 3 yr. old palomino. With just one 5 lb pail, he is starting to darken up already. He has been too pale. I really didn’t think it would work. Surprise, Surprise, each day he is darkening up. His mother was very dark golden color, his father was a grulla. I’m not one to write a company and comment about a product, however, this time it’s different. I have never been so pleased with a product. Again thank you!” L.H. Illinois
“Your Black-As-Knight worked great on our Hanoverian mare, she used to be brown and now her coat shines!” J.S. Florida
“My gray is darker now and my chestnut is a richer shinier copper. Both look great. Thanks”, C.R. Texas
“Recently a friend showed me some pictures of her friend’s horse. He was a beautiful BLACK quarter horse. He was soooah BLACK and this was a picture in summertime in Wisconsin, I asked her how she kept his color and she said “Oh, she feeds him some stuff called Black-As-Knight”.”
“This summer when I got my new horse, his bay coat was dull, dry, and light brown in color. I’d seen many reviews of Black-As-Knight in horse magazines. Since all the reviews were wonderful, and the product was all natural, I decided to try it. I have never been so pleased with a product before! My coat is now a rich, soft, shiny, dark bay color. He now has the best looking coat at the barn. I would recommend Black-As-Knight to anyone with a black or bay horse. Please don’t ever stop making this fantastic product.” L.G. Georgia
“I have been using Black-As-Knight for approximately 1 month and the results are next to incredible! I started seeing the change at about 2 1/2 weeks. One month ago, my black was a bay. Now he is almost totally black with just a little brown remaining about his saddle area. People at the barn had heard that I was using a supplement on him and everyone keep coming up to me and asking what it is and where can they get it! Maybe I should be asking to buy stock in you company! I am wondering now, just how black he will become.” D.B. California
“I must tell you again how pleased I am with your products. While Black Jack never gave me any particular trouble accepting the bit, after Bit-O-Magic he generally takes it like candy. As for Black-As-Knight I suppose my reorder speaks for itself. Within a month of starting him on it, his sun-bleached red hair started to fade and his beautiful black reappeared. Bravo!” E.S. New York
“I have used this product now, going on 4 or 5 years. We show a 6 horse hitch of Black Percherons in the Pacific Northwest. Our results have been so dramatic & wonderful that all of our competitors are now also using your product, because it really does make awesome difference.” B.H. Washington 

“What a difference there is in my favorite Appaloosa Stallion after feeding him BLACK-AS-KNIGHT. His coat would always look sunburnt and brownish. Now its rich and beautiful. I also feed INSIDE OUT, ITCH-B-GONE FEED SUPPLEMENT and use ITCH-B-GONE SPRAY which we use on ourselves (as well as our horses) for bee stings and poison ivy.

My stallion would have a bald mane and tailhead by this time of the year due to allergies or just habit, but these products have cured those problems. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate these great products.” S. H., New Jersey

“These two horses are on your product Black as Knight. They also were bathed with your Pinto Shampoo. They are top five and top ten for the West Coast. Matter of fact both pulled top five for the color halter color class. looking horse. Shows you if you use a good product along with good nutrition you get a really good looking horse.

The black and white (Oreo), was Reserve Champion in the Amateur Halter Class. The red and white (Melody) did really good too. Keep up the good work.” K.T. California

“Dear Cheval International,
I have a 17-year-old mare (Josey) that I raised that has suffered from a mosquito allergy since she was a baby. Her allergy is so severe that every mosquito bite on her will swell to the size of a quarter and itch to the point of her rubbing hair out. Over the years I have tried about every insect spray on the market. I have found that EquiCare Super C concentrate does work the best since she cannot tolerate an oil-based spray. I have also tried white vinegar baths and added vinegar to various sprays. I also feed apple cider vinegar to all four of my horses. I have even used steroid shots and although they do work they are not safe to use over prolonged periods of time and I use them only if I cannot be home to spray her twice a day. I have tried an antihistamine powder recommended by my Vet, it didn’t work either. Because of her allergy, I limit her pasture time to two hours A.M. and P.M. and keep her up during the height of the mosquito time. I have even braided downy sheets into her mane and tail and believe it or not they actually do help. I bathe her in citronella shampoo once a week, keep a fly mask on her and even have a flysheet I use on her at times. From all of the above you can see that keeping her somewhat comfortable has been an almost full time job and she still would get large swellings and scratch out her hair.
I saw your product “Inside/Out” advertised in “Jeffers” and decided to give it a try. She has now been on it for two months and this is the first time in 17 years that she has a smooth, shiny, bite free coat! She also gets a joint supplement and vitamins so the fact that “Inside/Out” doesn’t interfere with these is great. She is now able to go out on pasture overnight and I have reduced to about half the amount of insect spray that I use.
I thought that you would like to know just how well your product is working.”
Thank you, J.W., IL
Hello Cheval International, 
I am writing to let you know how pleased I am with the results of feeding my Paso Fino horse Inside Out Insect & Allergy Control for the last 30 days.
We live in Florida, where it’s humid and hot. Now 16 years old, my poor gelding has suffered greatly from skin problems year round, but especially in the summer. He rubs hard enough to create huge welts and bloody sores on his shoulders, side of the neck, crest, hips, and tail head. For more than 13 years my veterinary and I tried numerous solutions, including inside-out remedies such as herbs, neem oil extracts, and antihistamine pills, along with many topical treatments (special sprays, shampoos, and ointments). The topicals helped the abrasions heal, but did not stop the underlying “itch”.

Upon receiving your catalog in mid-May, I decided to give your Itch-B-Gone products a trial. I ordered the Itch-B-Gone Spray and Shampoo, and Athena suggested trying the Inside-Out Insect & Allergy Control instead of the Itch-B-Gone Feed Supplement.

I’ve used the products for 30 days. I used the spray every other day, the shampoo twice, and the Control daily. While he still itches occasionally, it is minor — no welts, no bloody sores, no broken skin!

I’m attaching two pictures. The first one shows a partially healed abrasion in April. You can see how nasty and large these are. The second one is at the end of May. You can see how lovely he is now, completely free of all abrasions.

The proof is in the pictures. I’m putting Control on auto-ship, thank you so much! 
M.A. of FL.