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Black-As-Knight Dark Horse Supplement. The Original. Darkens, enriches & shines Blacks, Bays, and other Dark Horses.


Gold-As-Sun Horse Supplement for Palominos, Buckskins, Cremellos, and Duns.


Red-D-Vinity Horse Supplement For Firey Red Chesnuts, Roans, Sorrels, and Duns.


White-As-Snow Horse Supplement To Bring Out A Glorious, Silky, Easy to Clean White Shine.


Back by popular demand!  The Natural Solution. Vets and horse experts everywhere are finally recognizing the truth about chemical wormers. 



Inside-Out says goodbye to lumps and bumps from allergies and biting insects whilst assisting in equine COLIC prevention!


Itch B Gone Spray grants immediate relief from itching, it will often get to the source of the problem to prevent future itching from occurring. Try it on yourself for mosquito bites for a quick itch relief!


A combination of healing oils, Scratches-B-Gone is the solution those stubborn and crusty Scratches. Customers have reported to have seen improvement starting to occur within just the first week of use. Use daily or as needed.


Lame-A-Way. The One and Only Broad Spectrum Supplement for Joints and Bones.


Bit-O-Magic Horse Bit Cleaner and Sweetener. Is Cheval’s Ultimate Bit Cleaner and Sweetener. Cleans bits to a sparkling shine and horses love the sweet taste it leaves behind. 


Stiff Dog Joint Supplement is a nutritional joint supplement for older dogs, arthritic K-9s and pups with stiff joint problems. Formulated and flavored just for him!

Tranquility Oil

Tranquility Oil Just one drop of this combination of natural oils around the base of the horse’s nostrils or on horse’s poll behind ears has a claiming, non-drug induced effect.


Gold-As-Sun Emphasizes the Richest Gold in Palominos, Buckskins, Cremellos, and Duns!


White-As-Snow Highlights a Glorious, Silky, Easy to Clean, White Shine in White Horses!


Red-D-Vinity Produces The Firey Undertones In Chestnuts, Roans, Sorrels, and Duns!


Worm-A-Way Surprises the Worms While Restoring Your Horse’s Digestive System by Occasionally Rotating Cheval’s Delicious, Safe, All Natural Deworming Supplement into Your Program!

Itch-B-Gone Spray

Itch-B-Gone Spray Soothes Itching Bug Bites, Allergies, Dry Skin, and Tight Braids Naturally!

Inside-Out Insect and Allergy Control

Inside-Out Says Goodbye to Lumps and Bumps from Allergies and Biting Insects whilst Assisting in Equine COLIC Prevention!