White-As-Snow Horse Supplement

White-As-Snow Horse Supplement

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White-As-Snow Horse Supplement is a designer coat enhancer specifically for light colored horses to help unlock shine and make the white hairs a snow-blinding white and so silky they are much easier to keep clean!  Cheval coat enhancers are profoundly healthy and are  complete supplements providing omegas, vitamins, amino acids, and minerals in perfect balance

No other supplements are necessary for the health and beauty of 99% of horses!  Save money and time.

Proudly made in the USA.   Packaged in safe buckets (bpa FREE and xenoestrogen FREE) you will want to reuse for feed, water, gardening, etc. for years to come - true recycling! Our buckets and products are safe for horses and the environment.

Feed 1-2 Scoops (or 2-6 Tbsp) once a day in the horse's grain.

Sizes/Supply for 1 horse

4 lbs. = 5 Week Supply      7 lbs. = 2-3 Month Supply     23 lbs. = 6-8 Month Supply     50 lbs. = 1 Year Supply

To determine exact amount you should feed your horse take into consideration:

  • Size of horse, time of year, location (for weather/heat), how bad of fader he or she is. 
    • Typically a good rule of thumb is max dose starting around January through the end of summer, in the winter you can cut down to a lower dose.
    • For Minis horses, cut the dose in half.

This product contains:  Western South Dakota Wheat Grass (source of the perfect balance of all Omegas, Amino Acids, Vitamins, and Minerals for horses to thrive), 5  varieties of seaweeds, spices,, molasses and ground extruded whole soybeans.  Organically grown and GMO FREE.

No need to order show safe formulas with the White As Snow as it does not contain paprika and is show safe in its original form!

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